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    A memorable bread
    We see each of our
    pieces of bread as a craft,
    created with carefully selected ingredients from Mexico, Europe and the United States. We want you to remember our taste.
A bread that is
good for you

You are always going to make the most out of it, because our bread is of certified quality by international recognition organizations. This will help you create business value.

Bread is here!
Pick a type of bread to
get to know it in detail.
Bread à la carte
We can also help you create the
product that is on your mind.
Standard preparation process

These are general instructions. To get specific information about the process, we recommend checking the product spec sheet in the Bread is here! section above.

  • 1.
    Without stepping out from the freezer area, extract only the pieces of bread you need for preparation. Keep the rest of the contents frozen.
  • 2.
    Place the bread on a tray with space enough for each piece to rise without sticking to others. Have in mind that the dough will double its size.
    *Puff pastry, pre-baked bread and doughnuts do not require rising.
  • 3.
    Put the tray on a baking trolley and thaw for the amount of time specified in the product’s spec sheet. *Puff pastry, pre-baked bread and doughnuts do not require rising.
  • 4.
    With the fermentation chamber set to the temperature and humidity required by the product, leave it to rise until a finger print is marked when pressed: this would be the optimal fermentation point. You can take the time specified in the spec sheet as a reference.
    *Puff pastry, pre-baked bread and doughnuts do not require rising.n.
  • 5.
    Preheat the oven and bake according to the time recommended in the spec sheet.
  • 6.
    Let it cool down to room temperature.