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  • Tips to unleash the potential of your bakery
2015-05-08 13:31
Its not just about offering the freshest and highest quality bread. It is also necessary to think about things that may attract your customers and being creative about it in order to get their loyalty. You can start this quest on the right path with these tips.

Customize your showcases

Use enameled steel plates and rattan baskets to display bread, and embellish with fresh fruit, flowers and wheat ears. This will give your showcases a distinctive touch. Change their decoration every 10 days to surprise your customers each time they visit you.



Customer service is crucial

It is important to train your staff to consistently meet all your customers’ needs. If possible, make a script they can follow in common scenarios. In this way you reduce the risk of making mistakes. Whenever you can, ask your visitors for feedback, so you can get new ideas and perspectives. Offering your customers free samples will help you accelerate the process of convincing them and it can also be useful to test new products before selling them.



Promos and contests

Build a good relationship with your customers and give your service an added value. You can use the day’s anniversaries to have special promos or you can invent your own. A popular contest is the business card draw: ask your customers to put theirs in a bowl that is visible for everyone and on a certain day you draw one to give something special away.



Tell us, what other creative actions you put into practice in your business?