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  • 4 ideas to optimize bread display
2015-05-08 12:23
Make your business stand out. All you need is a little bit of wit and these ideas.

Color attracts the eye

Bread and baked goods are often golden or brownish, which can be boring colors. Therefore, a little bit of color in your cabinets and showcases wouldn’t hurt. Make them appealing; to do it you can use other products related to bread, such as jam and pickled fruits or vegetables, among many others.



Let the light shine on your creations

Make sure your cabinets and showcases are properly lit: warm medium-intensity light as an accent in the display area. A successful lightning will tell your customers that you are proud of what you make, and it will also create a cozy atmosphere in your shop.



Mix a little

Put near your showcases and cabinets other products that catch your customers’ eye: olive oil, ground pepper, cheese and wine, for example. These elements will help you make your business feel warm and homely.



Label in style

What do you prefer? A plain piece of bread or a “Sweet homemade Tuscan bread”? Customize your products’ names using little cards and a bit of imagination. This will help you get your customers’ attention and their loyalty.



What other ideas do you implement? Share them with us.